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Greetings from Transfiguration Church

From Pastor Lorentzen of Transfiguration, to you and yours. A new year needs a new you, and me. I will give it a go. Join me.

Old hurts, forgiven and set aside.
Sins confessed, and forgiven.

Impossible goals, set aside for another time or life.
Realistic desires, reconsidered with the wisdom and advice of a worthy counselor.

Jesus and his ideas, reconsidered.
Those you know who need your wisdom and support, reconsidered.
Those you know who waste your time, gently put aside.

On the journey of life there are "places" to stop and "places" to skip. There are people to know and people to avoid. The fellowship of the Spirit of Holiness is an occasion to sort all that out. Ideas with roots deep in the Wisdom of Jesus to counsel us.

Sinners gather to receive pardon. Pardoned sinners, pardon sinners. A truce makes room for forgiveness, for space to sing songs of old ideas that give us insight and encouragement to expect, forgiveness.

A baby in a manger, new life within an old era, threatened by old habits and old hobbits!

Bread and Wine, reflection and anticipation, eating with strangers the life of a stranger who spoke strange words about his Father, Our Father, if, we invite his council, his will, his kingship, his name upon our birth certificate and fellowship with him in his suffering for humankind.

Kneeling beside you at his cross,
Pastor Lorentzen

 Transfiguration Church invites you to join us each week where the word of God is preached and the love of Christ is spread.  We are Confessional, Orthodox, Ecumenical and Evangelical but most of all Welcoming.



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